30 September, 2007

Check This Out


Recently I was able to meet with this organization, which is an NGO centered around the idea of microcredit, and the ease in which small amounts of money can have direct and lasting impact on people around the world.
I will post more about this later, but wanted to get this online as soon as possible.
In short, for the price of what you pay for one lunch, that same dollar amount, in microcredit loan form, believe it or not, can launch a small business, develop a new product or provide the ability to plant crops, etc.

Take a look.

25 September, 2007

Top to Bottom

You ever notice those annoying online or printed magazine lists about the best towns to live in? Or the coolest town to live in? The best states to live in? The best kept secret spots to live in?
The list should read, "The Towns Which Will Surely Be Ruined By Us Putting Them On This List." Because in essense what happens is the masses of people who live in the worst places to live, or the uncoolest towns to live in, or the worst states to live in, or the worst kept secrets spots to live in will all see the list and begin to flee their putrid hell and move toward the towns on the list.
Your town can't be the best, cool or secret once it is on the list. Ever wonder why the towns on the list change every year? Well, it's because the towns from the previous year are already ruined.
There are people out there packing right now, heading toward your secret town, and they are bringing all their stuff with them.

If your smart you will start your own list and aim the masses of unhappy residents to decoy "garden spots."

19 September, 2007

To Wear or Not to Wear

What is up with photojournalists and scarves? It can be 100 degrees and these guys are wearing scarvces like this is normal behavior, dress code or style. And, I'm not talking about a lightweight scarf. I'm talking a MAJOR, seventeen wrap grab thingy with an entire village attached.
Is this the adult photo world equivalent of dress up?

11 September, 2007

To War Or Not To War

Yesterday during the Petraeus testimony the idea came up that the military is at war but our country is not. What do you think? How much of an impact have the wars had on your life? Talk to me.

07 September, 2007


No more bottled water for me. I'd been buying five gallons at a time, which is fine, and still better than buying individual bottles, but now I have The Berkey, which has been fantastic, and takes a bevy of bad out of my home water supply. Read about it. And the water tastes great.



"The Cell" Inside the 9/11 plot and Why The FBI and CIA Failed To Stop It.

A good read. Fast and informative.

04 September, 2007

More Texas

Nephew and such.