26 March, 2008

Earthlings PDN

Great to finally see a piece about Richard Kalvar in this month's PDN. A great photographer, but doesn't seem to be a guy who tries to draw attention to himself. Just works. And, figured out a way to live in Paris.

18 March, 2008


"Any wedding photo can be made stronger by photoshopping a unicorn in the background."

06 March, 2008

Public Transport

I was wondering why none of the candidates have mentioned anything about public or mass transit.
When you consider that Americans use 40% of the gasoline supply, based on many factors, one of which is the size of the vehicles we drive, you wonder how public transportation could not be more of a campaign issue.
I would say that this summer we will regularly see $4.00 gas, and probably $5.00 near the interstate network.
There are a select few people making never-before-seen amounts of money off of oil instability, but we have also been paying artificially low gas prices for the last 50 years.
The rest of the world has been paying these prices for decades, so I think it is perhaps our time to join them.