29 October, 2007

The Turn

You better get up there and see this. The aspen are turning.

El Canyon Grande

An odd assortment of outtakes. You might have to turn your head, but I never said this was going to be easy.

Aperture Prize

Yep, here it is. We can all suffer together. Enjoy.

Daniel Milnor:

On behalf of the Aperture Prize Committee, I would like to thank you for taking the time to submit your work for review and consideration as a prize recipient. Aperture received over 800 entries for consideration, and they exhibited an impressive level of quality and diversity. I regret to inform you, however, that it was not selected as one of the portfolios to be featured on the website. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to view your work and also for subscribing to Aperture magazine. Best of luck with all your future endeavors, artistic or otherwise.

The Aperture Prize Review Committee

Response to Aileen


Thank you for the post.

I too went to WPPI back in like 03 or 04, and frankly I felt completely out of place, so much so I vowed to never return. I broke this vow, and returned last year, for a meeting which was outside the scope of the conference, and this time around felt even more out of place.
It felt to me like there were 15,000 people all doing the same thing, and this thing was not what I wanted to be doing.
However, I don't see this is a bad thing, only a different thing.
My background in photography is so different than the bulk of people attending that conference, that it is only logical for us to be on different pages.
I fit a small niche in this market, and I exist almost entirely outside the industry. I don't market, advertise or exist in any of the mainstream wedding venues, avenues, sites, etc.
So, what works for them, doesn't work for me.
But, weddings are only a small part of what I do.

The WPPI crowd is motivated, organized and successful, so you can learn much from them if you chose to do so. It might not be anything in terms of actual images, but marketing, advertising, etc.
And yes, you ARE being sold on hardware, software, etc, but that is what is driving the entire industry.
The photo business today is about technology and far less about photography. There has been, and will continue to be, a shift.

Lastly, NEVER be afraid to speak your mind. Your life is too short to skirt issues you feel strongly about. We owe it to ourselves, our business and industry to say how we feel.
Anyone you alienate, offend, etc, was probably not your real friend to begin with.

28 October, 2007

The Fires

For those of you who have been asking, first of all, thank you for doing so. Although the air, in places, still smells of smoke, at least in this area of Southern California, all is much better than before.
My house, covered in ash and debris from 60 mph winds, is still standing, and was never really under threat. The fire would have had to have burned ten miles of concrete to get to where I am.
There are, however, many folks who were not so lucky, and still many more who continue to hold their breath.
Today was the first day I could see the sky, and felt like I could finally open my doors and windows.
I ran the mop in my office today, and once again, it was covered in a fine ash, which turns to a nice, coffee-like mud when you begin to sweep it.
When the onshores blow, and you look inland, the plumes of smoke are still there. The Santiago fire I believe, set by an arsonist, or at least that is the opinion of those who know.
What is odd is that already the fires were somewhat of an afterthougth on the nightly news as people move on with Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and the presidential race, which now begins to get interesting.

Photo Plus

Okay, recap of Photo Plus.

It was just like last year. Only there were less pros and more advanced amateurs. I nearly lost my voice after speaking for three days. Most people don't understand, or even know about white balance, and this includes most of the "pros" I spoke to.

There is a huge amount of new technology, but I would say the quality of image, overall, has continued to slip. It seems we are all preoccupied with gear, and not as intent on actually using it to make better pictures.

Produced, retouched work is what is exhibited the most, by far. So, if your goal is to get sponsorship, get known, I would suggest this style of work.

There was still very little about archiving. Scary.

And, there are many copy cat companies that are mimicking existing companies. Nothing new.

Weather was fantastic. New York is gentrified, although the streets in the Meatpacking District are still sticky with death.

In a nutshell.

Best meal I had in the city??? A home cookin job by the Beegs!

21 October, 2007

Photo Plus

Photo Plus is over. Recap is forthcoming.

15 October, 2007

Monkey Business

Well, the Floyd Landis debacle appears to be headed for yet another court date, and in my mind there are still more questions than answers. Namely, if he didn't do it, then how can the substance be found in his system. And, if this case was so cut and dry, why did one of three people vote "not guilty?"

"France's anti-doping agency dropped its investigation on Thursday into Tour de France runner-up Oscar Pereiro, saying the Spanish rider had provided sufficient justification for use of an asthma medication."

So here is the runner up, another rider embroiled in yet another doping scandal, but as with many of the other European riders, he is somehow cleared. There sure seem to be a lot of pro cyclists with asthma problem. I mean alot. Funny, I had asthma as a kid and a bike was the last thing in the world I would have been able to do.

I'm wondering if other riders have been implicated for the same drug? I'm a little unclear on this.

14 October, 2007

From the Streets of DC

Right Now

The only goal is to produce work. More than ever before. There is something that changes when something becomes commercial, and there is no way to deny it. You might not want to think that, but it's true. But, you walk the line. Nothing wrong with that, but freedom lies outside the commerical world.
The challenge is to walk that line, as sharp as a razor's edge, and make sure you don't drift too far.

When will be see the first CGI fashion spread? Next year? How about CGI portrait?

Why watch the sunrise when you can create it as your desk. If you have to ask you are missing the point.

Gotta go shoot.


Adrian Peterson = Gale Sayers

04 October, 2007



Milnor Pictures tak...
By Daniel Milnor


No, this is not a Leica pictured below. This is a Zeiss Ikon, 35mm, rangefinder camera. Just fyi.

02 October, 2007

Old Warhorse

Impending Doom

As the latest candidates jockey and jab one another I realize the time to vote is, once again, drawing near.
Now what? Not again. What next? Lesser of two evils...all the traditional, vile consequences are apparent, and like always, there is nowhere to hide.
You can't NOT vote. Can you? A protest vote? Would it matter.

Rudy has bad manners. Hillary fakes her laugh. Obama hasn't done anything, and Edwards spends too much time on his hair.
John M. is too old, Fred won't get in the game and Snoop doesnt' seem interested in running. So now what?

This is it? This is the best we could do? Now we have to vote for one of these people? Oh man. Come on. Not again.

Where are our leaders? Our real leaders? Where are the people without strings to oil, big-business and the intricate web of corruption wrapping them like a warm tortilla?

Somewhere out there is the great hope. Perhaps revolution is what we need, a small, suburbic uprising of Walmart shoppers who can take it no more.

If they get up, we'll all get up. Let's go! Aaaaaarrrrrrrggggg!

Wyoming Friends

Stewardess, I'd like more warm nuts please!

AP is reporting......."Federal employees wasted at least $146 million over a one-year period on business- and first-class airline tickets, in some cases simply because they felt entitled to the perk, congressional investigators say."

Wow, $146 million. If you are going to abuse travel perks, might as well go all the way. What does that equate to in warm nut spending? Is there a warm nut angle? Do they lobby, the nut people? If so, I'd say their efforts are paying off. No pun intended.

Why not just charter at that point? Gulfstream anyone?

I'm a coach guy. I gave up years ago, and realize when I fly it is just going to suck, I'm going to be late and there is nothing I can do about it. At least I'm not in front of my computer.

However, if they allow people to use their phones in flight, I'm never flying again. Ever. For any circumstances. Ever. Again. Never.