02 October, 2007

Impending Doom

As the latest candidates jockey and jab one another I realize the time to vote is, once again, drawing near.
Now what? Not again. What next? Lesser of two evils...all the traditional, vile consequences are apparent, and like always, there is nowhere to hide.
You can't NOT vote. Can you? A protest vote? Would it matter.

Rudy has bad manners. Hillary fakes her laugh. Obama hasn't done anything, and Edwards spends too much time on his hair.
John M. is too old, Fred won't get in the game and Snoop doesnt' seem interested in running. So now what?

This is it? This is the best we could do? Now we have to vote for one of these people? Oh man. Come on. Not again.

Where are our leaders? Our real leaders? Where are the people without strings to oil, big-business and the intricate web of corruption wrapping them like a warm tortilla?

Somewhere out there is the great hope. Perhaps revolution is what we need, a small, suburbic uprising of Walmart shoppers who can take it no more.

If they get up, we'll all get up. Let's go! Aaaaaarrrrrrrggggg!


Anonymous said...

is that a leica??

Anonymous said...

We are all just too damed comfortable. Nothing is possible when too comfortable. Just be prepared for when the dam bursts.