15 October, 2007

Monkey Business

Well, the Floyd Landis debacle appears to be headed for yet another court date, and in my mind there are still more questions than answers. Namely, if he didn't do it, then how can the substance be found in his system. And, if this case was so cut and dry, why did one of three people vote "not guilty?"

"France's anti-doping agency dropped its investigation on Thursday into Tour de France runner-up Oscar Pereiro, saying the Spanish rider had provided sufficient justification for use of an asthma medication."

So here is the runner up, another rider embroiled in yet another doping scandal, but as with many of the other European riders, he is somehow cleared. There sure seem to be a lot of pro cyclists with asthma problem. I mean alot. Funny, I had asthma as a kid and a bike was the last thing in the world I would have been able to do.

I'm wondering if other riders have been implicated for the same drug? I'm a little unclear on this.

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