23 January, 2007

The Ratmobile

Okay, a friend had this truck. A Jeep, which by some freak stroke of luck had a rat living in it. The mechanics took this baby apart and couldn't find it. So, we took the truck and headed out for Mono Lake. Well, about the time we hit the pass, headed up into the mountains, the truck began to overheat. So, we turned on the heater to try and reduce the engine heat, which actually worked. But, from the vents came the stench of dead rat death. This was my reaction.

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Dewey said...

I also had a mouse in my car It took two weeks and alott of scary night driving to get him. It really made for intresting drives. The mouse really hated loud music. That when I saw him the most. Try many times to get him with a mouse trap peanut butter he was to quick. Finally got with peanut butter and pot seeds. Hope this helps anyone with a mouse in their car.