03 August, 2007

E Waste

Well, I'm sure if you tried hard enough you would find someone to say that film is good for the environment, but you won't hear me say it. Yes, NYT did a piece called "Digital Landfill" or something along those lines. These stories are coming out all over the place, now under the title of "E Waste." Stuart Isett has a new story about E Waste in China.
This revolution has been, and will be, far worse for the environment than the analog years, especially when you consider the energy and resources required to design, market, launch, sell, discontinue and destroy product after product with hyper-short lifespans. Camera companies used to make a new camera every four years, and now it is every four months, or quicker when you think of all the point and shoots. Couple this with the computers needed to work these machines, filled with cadmium and other heavy metals. Not to mention the 12 million cell phones a year added to the landfill.
Analog never looked so good. Perhaps only the lesser of two evils.


b79 said...

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Anonymous said...


That is great. I know that things will get better in the future because they have to. We have no choice. Already companies are running out of the resources needed to produce their current product lines. Shipping our waste to foreign lands is no solution.