13 September, 2008

Buy Small, Be Ready, Always take it With You

A lot of people ask me about which camera to buy. I always say the same thing. Buy small, be ready and always take it with you, otherwise, why buy it?

I have a variety of cameras, but in end, I think the most valuable of all of them are the smallest ones.

First, I always have it with me, always. Cameras are great, but when left at home, they are just metal, or plastic boxes. That's it. They just sit, waiting for you to come home and take them out again.

Also, small cameras are more subtle. For some photographers announcing the fact they are a photographer is important, and I'm sure can be strategic at times, but for most people being quiet and low key is the best mode.

When you have a small camera, one you always have with, you can make a variety of snaps you might now otherwise get. They won't all be good, but some will be, and others are just funny.

This dog wanted nothing more than to sink his fangs into my fleshy thigh. Walking down the road, this evil canine let out a vicious snarl, bark, growl just as he passed by. I nearly stroked out, but was able to get one shot off. Why? Because my tiny camera was in my hand.
It was more of a defense mechanism than a photograph, but I got it none the less.

Go bite someone else Cujo.

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