09 June, 2009

The Unkept

Cambodia 1996. Back of a moto, herking and jerking across Phnom Penh. At the time, there were no lights, no street lights, or street names, no building numbers, nothing. It was fantastic. You had to be careful at night, but once during my time there I took a midnight moto ride through the city. The streets were ink black and deserted. A full moon.

I think people left me alone because I was so shady looking. They probably said, "Geez, that guy can't even afford a haircut, let's cut him a break."

I hear now the city has changed, almost beyond recognition, as have Siem Riep and other towns. I don't think I want to go back and see what the world of tourism has done. I think I'll keep my memories intact.


Anonymous said...

you have lived an interesting life.
what a cool shot.
who took it?

very neat to see your long hair.

christopher keys said...

how DID you get that shot?

SmogRanch said...

Self portrait, just held out the camera and snapped away. Low percentage for sure. I think this was with Canon EOS 1V, but that isn't the lightest camera around, could have been Leica as well. Only two cameras I had at that time. Ahhh, back when life was simple.