15 February, 2007

The Box

Okay, this might sound cheesy, but I do find it very comforting, for some reason, just to have a black and white paper box around. As I sit here, across the room, on a set of rolling file cabinets, is a box of Ilford, 11x14, fiber-base, glossy paper.
And this coming from a guy who worked at Kodak for four years. On top of the box, more prints from recent darkroom time. There is just something fantastic about this box, this paper, and I have no real explanation.
In addition to this, I called the lab in LA, had them send back all my film and contact sheets from recent shoots. So, I have another box of paper now.
My work comes back, contacts, negatives, in sleeves and boxes and envelopes. I love it. Again, maybe nothing special, but to me, there is nothing better.

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