07 January, 2008


My respiratory debacle continues into the fourth week. My round of antibiotics have ended and now I wait. Congested. Gasping.
I've had a history of this, from the time I was six-months-old until now. It sucks. I don't get colds, don't get the flu, just this.

No running, no riding, nothing for almost a month.


Anonymous said...

When you had pnemonia at six months you were in an oxygen tent. You were so small they just sat you in it. It surrounded you, and you could sit upright in it. It had zippers to access the inside to get to you without taking you out. You would unzip all the zippers with one index finger and it would be laying in a pile around you with the oxygen going into the air. Your clothing would be totally soaked. You were smiling, like you really did something. I would change your clothing several times a day. You learned to eat soup. When your dad came after work, I went home and showered and returned to the hospital for the night. You were never alone, always with your dad or me. Elmo looked after Nick and Sarah when we needed her. There was another small child in the hospital no one came to see. I ask if it would be allright for me to look after her. They said yes. So when you slept I would feed and rock her. I couldn't imagine why no one came to see her. Dr. Bryan was gone at first so Dr. Hepner looked after you for awhile. You were good.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm right there with you, my friend. Exact same history, too. I have so many memories of residing in the oxygen tent at the hospital. Soaking wet. They now say this is called cough-variant asthma. After you get well, you might want to consider advair. It has helped me some. But once sick, you are sick.... get well soon. I'm thinking of you. Missy

Aileen said...

All I can say is it sucks to be sick. I had a little time so I was checking in a your blog to see what was up in the land of smog.
Hope you feel better soon Dan, now you can catch up on "Maury" or "Dr.Phill". Joking of course. It's nice to see your Mom still checks in on you.

Take Care.................Aileen