23 January, 2008

A poem from mom

Okay, new addition to the Smogranch Chronicles, and this is the poem series from mom. Direct from Alien Ranch, I will post whenever she sends one my way.

The Winter birds of the woods are here
Telling us their story
The feeders are full
Doves, sparrows, finches, cardinals and jays
Their feathers fluffed
Against the cold
Gobbling the seeds
As fast as they can to prepare
For the cold yet to come
Wondering where Summer went
And when it will return
Knowing the first signs
Are buried deep in the woods
Waiting for the warmth of Spring
When life begins anew
Welcomed by raindrops
Knocking at the door
And the sun awakening the start
Of yet another promised year
In the life of the woods
A year of stories
The birds will tell us
We are content
To wait
To watch
And to listen

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