14 August, 2008

Just Doing My Job

The conversation went like this.

ME: "I'm going to bury you up to your neck in sand."
NEPHEW: "Aahh, no your not uncle Dan."
ME: "Yes I am."
NEPHEW: Scared look.
NEPHEW: Concerned look.
ME: "That is my job, that's what I do, I'm your uncle." "I'm supposed to bury you."
NEPHEW: Concerned look.

Fast forward two hours. We are now on the beach.

ME: "Okay, it's time. I'm digging a hole to bury you in."
NEPHEW: "No your not."
ME: "I'm digging."
NEPHEW: Concerned look.

Fast forward to hole being fully completed.

ME: "Okay, get in the hole."
NEPHEW: Look of total dejection, arms down, head down, slumping towards hole, resigned to knowing this is part of his wee life.
ME: "Get in there."

At first there was much uncertainty on that little, round face, but within a few minutes, being a dude, he was starting to get into it.

It makes for good snaps because he can't really move. We packed him in there fairly tight, so in terms of wiggle room, there was little.

And in the end, it was yet another rite of passage for one of the coolest knuckleheads on the planet.

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Scott Slattery said...

And you were saying that having kids would be a great selling tool! I don't think we can allow it to happen! Great shots!