23 August, 2008

A Must Read

For ANY photographer or filmmaker this is something you should read. This article is about the film world, but is mirrored in the still world. And when I say mirrored, I mean mirrored.

This is not a popular opinion, or angle, because the bulk of our industry is being driven by companies supporting and driving what is new. But, if you are the creator, you need to know this stuff.

We are at the tip of the iceberg and are moving in a direction that will usher in the end of many "front end" people as the "fix it in post" world grows stronger and stronger.

This article is a reminder to NEVER compromise when it comes to creating the original. The work you put in, the style you create, has a lot to do with how long the project will live.

Beware of trading short-term speed for long-term life.


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