28 January, 2009

Production Line

So, I had to make 27 copies of the same image, in 11x14. Stop! I know what you are thinking..."Print them on the inkjet man, save yourself a major headache."

Well, of course, that would have been REALLY easy, and depending on how things turn out, I might have to, but I went the long and winding road and made 27, 11x14 silver gelatin prints!

I was like a stone-age assembly line worker, cranking them out, ONE at a time. It took all day, but I think....think...it was worth it.

They are all different, which is great, even though I was trying like hell to make them all the same. But, that is why I wanted to do this run in this fashion.

Each person getting one of these babies is getting a unique object. Not just a print, but a unique print. And, the destination for these prints is, for me, really important, a destination that I really very lucky to be a part of.

So, I go to pick them up today, then try to flatten them all. Fingers crossed.

By the way, I didn't choose this print for the political statement it makes. Obviously, this image has a political statement, but for me it was simply about found art. In the middle of nowhere, out in the vast expanse of rural America, someone sprayed this. I just found it an interesting statement more than anything else.

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