16 May, 2007

Palm Springs Photo Festival 2

This post goes out to Maggie who was nice enough to send me a note.

In short, always go. As a "newbie" I think you would have been totally fine. If you have the passion for photography, want to learn, then it is never a bad thing to attend something like this.
The great thing about this event was that it was a true festival. Even though many of the photographers in attendance are "significant" within the industry, they are all there to look at work, and a range of work at that. People are relaxed, and everyone I met was kind and thoughtful in their reviews.
Although I did see a good amount of really nice work, the level of participant was far ranging.
You can take a workshop, attend a seminar or symposium, and at night you are treated to two amazing slideshows.
I think this event had something for everyone. Plus, great location, as you know, and a good sense of people just hanging out, relaxing and enjoying photography.

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