26 May, 2007

Spring Cleaning

This is the time of year that most of us looking at that garage, that storage area, that extra room in the house that has become the landing pad of all the stuff you don't know what to do with, and realize, "Okay, it's time."
The same thing happens now in the digital age. We acquire things. We store things, too many things, and every so often we have to stop and say, "Okay, I've got to deal with this."
Me, I've got a system. Whether or not this system is the best, or correct, or perfect, can only be answered at some time in the future. Saying that your system of storage is "fantastic" or "fool proof," cant' be proven, at least at the moment.
Talk to me in ten years, twenty, or even forty years.
So today, at the moment, I'm transferring things from one electronic place to another. It is tedious, boring if you will, but very important. Of course I do this all the time, on an ongoing basis, but several times a year, I go through the spring cleaning, fall cleaning, etc.
So right now, around me, there are lots of progress bars, flashing lights and negative sleeves, contact sheets and archival boxes brimming with collected film.

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