16 May, 2007


I needed to write this post because I, once again, ran into someone who said, "Wow, you have the best job in the world." "A photographer, just driving around all day taking pictures."
Well, I do have a great job, but it might not be exactly what a lot of people think it is. Now I can't speak for all photographers, or all kinds of photography, but I can speak for me.
My life is about 5-10% actual photography, and the rest is work. Now I like some of this labor, but much of it is work, just like any other line. I've worked on a ranch, installed hot tubs, worked construction and did some of the world's worst modeling jobs, and while some of these endeavors are more physical than what I do now, they all contain a similar level of attentiveness.
In fact, I work far more now than I ever have. My job is a 6-7 day a week job, all year long. It wouldnt' have to be this way if I made it easy on myself, just did one thing, outsourced, turned over control, but anyone who knows me knows that ain't gonna happen anytime soon.
You see, I was born this way. This photography thing was in me from the beginning. I'm a collector, of stories, of histories, of images, words, scrapes of this and that. I can't turn it off, leave it at the studio or forget about it, even on vacation(I don't go on them). And because of this, I'm cursed with always being on, always working.
If my wife and I have day when there is "nothing to do," we don't know what to do. This happened recently, not a full day mind ya, but a partial day with NOTHING on the books. We looked at each other and laughed.
"People do this all the time," I said to her. "Like every weekend." More laughs.
You see, I'm the one man band. Marketing, yep, that's me. Advertising, me too. Fulfillment, delivery, design, editing, archiving, creating, brainstorming, traveling, bookings, taxes, payroll, accounting, etc, etc. Me.
Sometimes when all this is on your plate it is easy to lose track of the fact that these days we are living, these days, right now, I'm talking about days like today, are the days that we are supposed to be enjoying. This is life.
For me, I reconnect, I remember in a way, by going out and making pictures, not for a client, or an assignment, but for me only. It is not that these photos don't have uses, don't get me wrong, but they originate inside me, for me. Selfish I know, but real all the same.
In short, I've go no complaints. I work my butt off, true, but I can't imagine it any other way.

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Anonymous said...

you need Pictage mister...now!