06 July, 2007

Get In The Water Now

Okay, for those of you living in Southern California who never get in the water, now is the time to break that habit.
The water is 70 degrees, a far cry from the mid-winter, mid-50's, crippling norm. So, get off your butt, drive west until you can't drive anymore, put money in the meter, and just start running. Run until your forward momentum has gone past the point of no return. By then, you will be in water thigh deep and can let yourself go. That first breath is a short one, but once that first wave washes over your head, you will be reminded, instantly, of your days as a kid when the water temperture didnt' matter.
Now, dont' swallow any of the water, cause you will probably get a serious disease, but that is the easy part.

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