02 July, 2007


Okay, anyone reading this with an "info@" beginning of their email address has to change it right now. Yep, it's official, and the cat is out of the bag. We all know that "info@" means, "I really dont' want to talk to you unless I need something," and the fact that everyone now knows what this means renders this method no longer effective and only makes you look bad.
During my daily activities, my very diverse daily activities, I run into people with this type address, some used for personal and others for their business.
When this first started it was done as an attempt to cut through the hordes of email zinging around the electronic world. Then, the person with the "info@" address would typically have ANOTHER address you were supposed to use after they determined you were normal, or that they needed something from you, or that you could do something for them.
But, at least 90% of the time those addresses are nothing more than black holes, or sure death for email, prompting the client to then get back to you asking why you never sent the email you were supposed to send in the first place. The game goes back and forth, back and forth.
But now, after all these years, when I see an "info@" email address, about 99% of the time, I refuse to use it, and surely won't take any time sending anything to that address, forcing the client to actually call me. That way I can save the trouble of waiting for the "real" email address.
So, anyone out there using this system, it's old and somewhat outdated. Time to move on, show your real address, heck, go crazy, put an actual address, a real address, mailing, postage, white vans in front of your house, flags on your box type of mailing address. Go for it. Don't be afraid.

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