06 July, 2007


I know what is going to happen. Today at Wimbledon there were some EPIC matches, we are talking slugfests including Federer, Ferrero, Djokovic, Nadal, etc, and what will NBC show????
Venus Williams for the third day in a row. If we are lucky we might get a little Roddick, but the chances of his match living up to the drama of other men's quarters is not likely.
And, I'm a big Venus fan, think she will probably win the entire event, but her matches are blowouts, routes, drubbings, and they are not great to watch, in comparison to others. Again, NBC has chosen to ONLY show Americans, unless we are in the finals, where they don't have a choice.
We gotta stop doing this and just show the best matches. My guess, if we are lucky, we will see Venus in the finals, hoisting the jewel encrusted platter for yet another time. But, until then, give us the good stuff NBC, quit messing around. It's bad enough we get tape delay. Dont' make us suffer another day.

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