22 December, 2007

Inkjet Madness

Inkjet printing is all the rage, and has been for many years. So tell me something........why on Earth is it nearly impossible to get traditional photographic sizes in this paper?
Let's try something exotic like 11x14 and 16x20, two of the most printed sizes in the history of the medium???

Name one photographer who editions prints in 11x17 or 13x19??? I don't know a single one, yet drive to any dealer and that is all you will find.
I know these new, odd sizes represent pre-press sizes, but why is there not more demand for traditional. If you edition in 11x14, if this paper existed, it makes the process seamless in terms of delivering a traditional, silver print or a digital print.

When I asked at my local dealers.....plural....dealers....they all said the same thing. "It sucks." Each dealer explained to me that photographers come in all the time asking for these sizes and all the dealer can say is "Buy the larger size and trim it down."

Not only is this the most wasteful solution possible, other than buying a second box, soaking it in kerosine and burning it, it also creates handing issues that most photographers are not going to want to deal with.

Plus, what happens to the edge, or edges that are trimmed? Does it suffer from different aging issues?

In an age when photographers are rumored to be substituting fading inkjet prints to collectors who have purchased their images, we don't need yet another reason to only print traditional, silver images.

Help us paper companies, help us.

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