18 December, 2007

One Nation Under Blurb

Okay, this is the first of many posts regarding Blurb, THE independent book publisher based in San Francisco. Did I mention how great they are?
My clients love them. I love them. My mom loves them. My sister is mystified by them. My brother still doesn't know about them.
In short, it goes like this.
Come up with an idea.
Formulate what you want to do with this new idea.
Download Blurb Booksmart Software.
Dump your idea into the software.

There are many book publishers these days, a truly great thing, but Blurb is my fav. Why? Where do I start? So much for so little, and an online bookstore ready for biz.

So far I have made 30 books with Blurb, including client books, catalogs, portfolios, etc. I use them for everything. You can too. You should. What is stopping you? Nothing.


What are you waiting for?

1 comment:

heinrich mahler said...

Yes, Blurb sounds very enticing, but you ask, "what's stopping me?" Their software BookSmart is too "smart" for anything before Mac OS 10.4.9. and I have 10.3.9.....Tell Blurb that I'd rather spend the 100 dollars on Blurb books rather than the 100 dollars it would take to upgrade my Mac so I could use BookSmart. There's a blurb for you....