12 November, 2008

Fine, Don't Smile

Photographs of kids tend to come with a certain history, a certain expectation.

Happy, smiling, joyous, active, etc, and typically, a shoot will produce this type of image, but these images are just one small piece of the photo pie.

For me, often times, the in between images are my favorite, when I allow the person I'm photographing to drift away somewhat, or quit pretending, acting, posing, etc. The quiet moments reveal just as much as those explosive moments.

Like the non-smiling images. In my book, go ahead, don't smile. When someone stops smiling their feelings seem to concentrate in their eyes, as everything else fades away.

I've photographed this little guy many times, and I have a great range of images that reflect who he is. These are some new pictures, and I believe they reflect his maturation. There is a lot going on in that brain, and I think these pictures shown this.

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