05 November, 2008

Nothing Matters

You know, in the end, with photography, nothing really matters. Wait, I don't mean that in a bad way, quite the opposite. Nothing REALLY matters other than what YOU want or need. Selfish? Sure. Idealistic? Si. Confusing? Okay.

Sometimes, when I bang my head, or when I'm took weak to use both hands, sometimes I don't even focus, and you know what, I like these pictures.

Nobody else seems to like them, but it doesn't matter. I do. And that is all that matters.

Who do you shoot for? You? Your kids? An editor? A magazine? Think about it. Parameters on our lives, we all have them, but sometimes you just gotta cut them loose and forget about it.

So, turn that focus knob the wrong way and see what happens.


Scott Slattery said...

Dan, you know I love your work but this unfocused stuff is terrific! I know because I do it all the time! Of course I don't do it on purpose.... :-)

SISTER DEB said...

Danno ~ these are great!! They look like the inside of my head...most of the time! I love your philosophy around these. Bravo!

Anonymous said...


SmogRanch said...

Whoever posted that link to Meatballs...bless you my child, that is a GREAT scene. And he's right.

It just doesn't matter.