29 July, 2008

Le Tremor

Yes I felt the earthquake.

Was just sitting here minding my own business when I heard it coming. It was a good shake, kept rolling and rolling. My pictures moved, a few things clinked here and there.

But, it wasn't that big of a deal. Certainly not a MAJOR quake.

However, the local media is already out of control. I turned on the tube, right after, to get a bead on the epicenter and magnitude, which I did. It was 5.6, then 5.8 and now back to 5.4.

I just went back to tube, three hours later, and it is as if we were invaded by an alien species.

All networks have live chopper views....of....of....NOTHING. Highways, buildings, trees, cars, concrete, mini-marts, smog, etc, etc. They are showing absolutely NOTHING. And showing it LIVE.

They are interviewing ANYONE who will stop and talk, which is a gr

eat way to get in touch with a demographic of folks you might not know existed.

"Where were you Elroy when this baby hit?"

"I was out driving around, endlessly, didn't feel a thing."

"How about you Mary Sue?"

"I was under my desk, praying for God to save me."

"We interrupt this broadcast to mention that Days of Our Lives will not be see at the regular time due to the onslaught of earthquake coverage."

Oh ya, and the phone system is a mess. Might want to sort this one out guys. They actually said, "Hey, don't call anyone so that the emergency lines can remain open."

That is like telling someone to drive to the Grand Canyon, and then not look. It ain't gonna happen.

What happens when the REAL one hits? You think people are not going to call out? In? Around? So much for the emergency lines.

Like when you are on the plane the flight crew comes on and says, "Ya, Bob and Sally in row 31 have a tight connection, can everyone stay seated until they get off." That lasts for about 1.5 seconds before the aisle is filled with commuters.

I'm afraid to go back to the TV, so I won't.

This event reminded me of my first time to California, Northridge, to cover the quake aftermath.
I had my two Nikons and a bag of film, no particular place to go, or stay, but was with another photographer who helped me out.

I was somewhat clueless...no surprise...and took a few silly chances for pictures that were not good to begin with. And, I felt my first aftershock.

Here is to postponing "The Big One" as long as possible. And to no injuring in this current affair.

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