09 July, 2008

One of the Worst Photos of Me Ever

So, it takes a special guy to wear a hat like this. But, it is even more special to pair the hat with those stylish glasses. The fish just puts the entire photo over the top.

Taken in Canada eh, way up north way, in the Territories I believe. Fishing with pops, back when we used to do this type of thing.

The fact that my dad took this picture is remarkable in itself as he was not a huge fan of photography. In fact, he was the king of turning up with a roll of film, out of nowhere, and demanding it be processed as soon as possible. Then, we get the prints back and they were of multiple Christmas mornings, etc. The same roll in the camera for several years, but for some reason, after waiting two, three years, with the same roll in the camera, he suddenly needed to see the prints as soon as possible.

He would spend at least eight seconds reviewing the prints and say, "These are terrible."

After he died we found an very strange, Russian camera in his car, buried in the center console. Nobody else in the family had ever seen it, and I personally have never even seen a camera like this. It was empty. Why he had it is still a mystery.

Maybe I should phone Moscow?

Anyway, back to this beauty of a snap. A perfect picture. Splendid. A portfolio image for sure.

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