18 July, 2008

Technology Update

Getting hooked up to the power supply.

Okay, it is official. My body gives off an odd electromagnetic field that turns most technology into mush. I think, personally, this is just bad karma. Could be angst.
Whatever the reason, I'm in the middle of yet another losing battle. Its funny ha ha.

I have three main computers. My main,main computer, will only work if it starts from being off. If you put it to sleep, then wake it and try to open an image, it could take a minute to open up. It is like the entire machine is in slow motion. So, I have to shut it off then start it up again.

Speaking of sleep, my other, other, main, main computer won't sleep at all. It needs to either be on or off, nothing in between. And, the fan cuts on and off, rapidly and loudly, like a jet, forcing me to shut if off.

And now my other main, main, computer, my laptop, has the mysterious screen flicker problem. Again. This is after it died the first time from cracked hard drive.

So, I don't really have any computers that work. Well, they kinda work. But not really.

And to add insult to injury, my Blackberry just erased my entire calendar, and now erases off the computer anything I input in the phone. Did I pay extra for this feature?

And my TV remote doesn't work anymore. I only get four channels anyway, but now I have to perform power yoga hand moves to get a few of the buttons to work.

Again, I think all this is my fault. Somehow I did something, or said something to someone who controls all this and now I am paying the price.

But it gets worse. I'm thinking of buying a new iphone. I know, I know, I deserve no pity. I'm actually not buying this phone, I'm only going to think about it because I know I would destroy that as well.

Here's to a Friday of no crashes in your world.

And don't touch me, I'm jinxed.

PS: Thank you to the fantastic nurse who shot this photo.

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Anonymous said...

gees man, you're like a technological Charlie Brown...("I gotta rock...")