08 July, 2008

Signs of Second Quarter Growth

Okay, all this photo stuff is grand, and yes this blog is mainly about photo-related items, but, but, but, I had to share with you the green success of my mini-garden plot.

My ground planted seeds did not fair well, as the local soil is very clay-laden Earth, which does not lend to great seedling growth.

Oh, as you can see, I added a camera to keep us on theme and to give you a sense of scale.

For those of you who know what they are doing when it comes to gardening, I admit, I know next to nothing. I planted "wrong" at the "wrong time," and probably too close together, but I'm still beaming when I peer out my office window and see these babies heading onward and upward.

Spinach and tomato. Stay tuned for jalapeno and cilantro.

1 comment:

GEWELS said...

At least you're adventurous and industrious enough to start your own seedlings. I buy the plants already started so that I get immediate satisfaction in my herb garden. Seeing as that's the ONLY place I can get satisfaction :)

BTW- Lucky, lucky you!! Sevilla is probably my most favorite city in the world. I can still smell the oranges.