09 December, 2008

The Little One

The Hasselblad clunks with the first frame of the day.

"Are we done yet?" she asks.

"Nope, just one more picture," I respond.


"Are we done yet?"

The games we play to get these images.

The Little One never stops, rarely stands still and using this camera, in this slow methodical way, is not easy, but when the stars align it makes the image that much more enjoyable.

In today's world, often times, after hearing the clunk of the camera the kids will ask, "Can I see it?" but the Little One knows not to ask. We have done this too many times, and they know I don't work the other way. They know my response to that question.

"What fun would that be to see the image?" I ask.

"If you see it that easily, that quickly, you would forget it and it wouldn't last more than a second in your mind, the magic gone before it had a chance to build."

So now, after the long days have passed they know to start expecting to hear from me.

Then, cryptic text messages, written by the little one. "Waer r the pixturs?"

Patience, good things come to those who wait.

1 comment:

scott slattery said...

Dude! Once again your images inspire me to do more. Just more. Thanks!