02 December, 2008

Poem from Mom

The Library

picture a big dictionary
on a large wooden stand
at a big city library
alone in the dark
after the people are gone
the words on the pages
begin to rattle and roll
they swirl up in the air
like a south texas tornado
and find the crack on the roof
at the edge of the skylight
and escape into the night sky
to the map of stars
winding their way
around in space
the aliens hear them
and write such as this
earthlings how is it
you let so many words
wander here and there?
keep them at home
and write about
your beautiful planet
and sort out the right
words to learn how
to live in peace
and good health
we know it is
Christmas there
listen to the message
grab some words and wish
for peace on earth
and goodwill towards all
there is a way
it is in the words
of the night
at the library

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