14 December, 2008

Poem from Mom

"Lonely City Christmas"

it's christmas in the cities
dusk finds them as the lamplighters come
leaving the gaslights flickering
on these lonely people caught by nets
with no way out their loneliness floating
in a river of tears finding its way to
unfulfilled hopes and dreams
photographed by the flash of empty tv screens
alone with their quiet doubts
am I enough or do I need to surf the net
to find more to fill my hourglass as the sand
falls spinning around the satelite
that sends the world to me
and Judy Garland sings telling you
to have yourself a merry little Christmas now
and next year your troubles will be far away
a twitching cat sleeps dreaming of a life it never had
Bing Crosby sings I'll be home for Christmas
if only in my dreams
slowly silently their loneliness is absorbed by
their fathers old cloth handkerchief
they are the old metal rollerskates
the key screwed tight to their spaulding saddle shoes
if they fall they will skin their knees
they cannot see the bottom of the hill
but will start down it anyway
a childs childhood caught in rerun memories
tinsel still on the christmas tree as the needles fall
catching them as they hear the cities call
merry christmas to all

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