15 December, 2008

Poem from Mom

Now, before you skim over this post I need to alert you to something about this particular poem. You might miss what I'm about to alert you to, which is critical to the understanding of the entire piece.

Mom writes about a recent snow at her cabin in Texas. A snow. This is not normal. Snow in South Texas is a rare beast. Couple that with the fact it was 80 DEGREES the same day it snowed! So, a tiny, little 50 degree temperature change. When is the last time you experienced THAT?

the texas snow
came quietly in the dim light
it was 81 degrees at noon
and snowing at midnight
the changes came fast
with a cold blast
at 3am Gypsy and I
went out to see
a picture to be
snow on the metal roof
gave us proof
its beauty is quiet
and we did try it
our hand cold as a snowball
flew and did fall
this snow was not done
for Houston it was fun
childrens angels under the sun
a rare visit from a lovely guest
showing us its best
dripping icicles melting quietly
white moonlight on white flakes
tracts in the morning snow
in its white magical glow
what a show

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