02 June, 2008

The Infamous T2

So our first batch has been unveiled and now comes the second round. How things change in life. Now we see T 2.0. This one you come up with on your own. I see the light but you do the rest. The fast lens, sitting on the floor, holding my breath...take a deep breath, blow out half and then stop...hold it. Steady. Snap, snap, snap. Same shoot, different look.

I wonder where these pictures will be in 20 years? Forty years? Eighty?

Snap, snap, snap.

Walter doesn't know. He is just happy to be involved.


Anonymous said...

What about the infamous TT?! Lovely images! Truly DM.... nice work.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

These are most wonderful. Like out of a magazine. Not that you care about stuff like that. I am liking her white legs shadow reflected in the floor.