10 June, 2008

Color for Color

What could be better than just walking about with a camera? Okay, walking around with a camera with a winning lotto ticket in your pocket? Ya, that sounds good to me. I don't shoot color that much, at least when it comes to documentary work, but I've started to more. I used to shoot color all the time, and it fact shot nothing but for years. I started with color, and am glad I did. But I have to say, much work I see is shot in color for the sake of shooting color because, "that is what people want," or so we have been told. But I'm not so sure.
I think if you are going to shoot color, shoot for the COLOR, not because that is the default setting.
If your shooting at noon, in horrific light, who cares? I think the newspaper world missed the boat on this. Back in the 80's we were told the readership was "too sophisticated" for black and white and "demanded" color.
That's odd, in my time working at newspaper I heard a constant stream of people telling me, "I miss black and white, why don't you guys run it anymore."
Makes you wonder who makes these decisions.
So here is a little color.


Alicia said...

that is some great photography!

SmogRanch said...

Thanks Alicia! These are just snaps, the good stuff is on the way later. I hope.

Wishful Mommy said...

i am so in love with these photos. I know you know i loves me some B&W but sometimes color just pops and works and inspires.