07 June, 2008

Unrelated Photo Post TWO

Okay, just out of morbid curiosity, I emailed a friend in Italy and asked about "petrol prices." The last time I was there I rented a four door Smart car and was still spending, if I remember correctly, about $70 per tank.

this was my friend's response....."right now we’re paying about Euro 1.60 per liter, that means about Euro 6.20 per gallon that in USD is about 9.92 per gallon..."

Interesting. $9.92 per gallon. Anyone ready for that yet?

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scott.slattery@twoscottsphotography.com said...

Dan - just as a gut check... I was in the Army in Kaiserslautern, Germany from '85-'88. The price of gas then was about $4 per gallon!