18 March, 2009

How to Land a Monster Fish

Okay, I know by looking at these images you will quickly realize my prowess as a master angler. These fish were HUGE, regardless of what the pictures look like. My hands are HUGE, did I mention that? Throws off the scale. Get it...scale????

Oh, and these wonderous snaps were made by another Milnor, this time sis checking in through the viewfinder. She might have been slow to process, scan and transmit, but they are finally here.

This little piece of water is a grand place, so peaceful, and nobody else around for miles.

All fish were returned to the glassine green to swim another day.


yvette roman davis said...

I am so impressed. You should have your own show on cable.

Man, those hands are huge.

Davidpix said...

Can't figure which one is you, and which is the fish.