29 March, 2009


So yesterday afternoon I had a shoot. I arrive a little early, snoop around, scout, etc. I'd shot at this location many times before, but you never know what has changed, so I like to have a little look around.

Thinking back now, I think I counted 12 of my images on the walls of the house, some small 8x8's, but many of these images were 16x20 and larger.

For me, this is a great feeling, knowing that my pictures are an integral part of the family's life. Not everyone is interested in putting images on the wall, but I've written about this many times before, that for me, this is why I shoot portraits. Books and prints.

Viewing work on the computer, for me, is just not where it's at. Electronic views are fine for the short term, but I want pictures that we want to live with.

A great picture is a like a great song, something you can look at or listen to many, many times over. And, hopefully, they get better with age.

So, as I continued my tour, I also found my book on the coffee table. On top. Love this.

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