11 March, 2009

Poem from Mom "He Would Never Know"

"He Would Never Know."

he would never know
his promise broken
footprints in the sand
marking his way
to the silent depth
that claimed him
she was waiting
the shaded moonlight fell across
the wooden cabin floor
the wind was blowing
whistling as it found the crack
around the door
she waited by the warm fire
her eyes reflected the flickering
embers as the fire slowly died
like everything else in her life
tears covered her cheeks
smearing her eye makeup
her nose was running
she tasted it on her upper lip
he would not see
her new dress
he would not hear her crying
or see her tears
he would never know
how much she loved him
the rain had finally come
after a long drought
she remembered seeing a few
spring flowers blooming
when she swept the cabin porch
earlier in the day
he would never know

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