18 March, 2009

Top Ten Photo Reasons Why I Could Never Be Jason Bourne

We are probably all familiar with the government super-agent Jason Bourne, and his frequent flyer lifestyle, but while sitting in an airport several weeks ago I realized that there is no way I could ever be this guy. Here are the top ten reasons why.

1-I'd never get a good assignment in this job market.

2-Getting my film through airport security would burn too much time.

3-Fist fighting with Leica around my neck would prove ineffective.

4-Being a photographer is bad cover as most authority figures are suspicious of us.

5-Carpal tunnel issues from too much computer time throw off my aim with a pistol.

6-After a hit I would need at least two days for post production.

7-There is no room for a rifle in my camera bag.

8-Getting a model release from my victims would prove difficult.

9-Getting location permits for 14 cities in two days is impossible.

10- Treadstone only wants royalty free!!!!


John Nelson said...

These may be 10 very good reasons why you're no Jason Bourne. But I'd say the photos in the previous post might top the list.

Sister Deb said...

Bourne, schmourne! You're so much more better looking.