26 March, 2009


I've been lucky enough to be asked to teach in Peru during Easter of 2010. I've covered Easter before, many times, in Sicily, as well as Mexico, and here in the US, where my love of the egg is evident.

This workshop is part of the Photo Experience program, which has been in operation in Peru for some time. Check their site to see a list of both completed programs as well as a few of the upcoming events.

The idea of the workshop is to think, see and photograph with the ultimate intention of creating a book from the images. Working in book form is different than randomly snapping here and there, and is a great way to learn to see your photographs in more depth. We will look at a photo as a stand alone image, as well as how images work as a theme, how to sequence a picture story, and design specific to the book process.

And imagine how much there will be see in Cusco during Semana Santa!


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