23 February, 2009

Mom on Photographers

Mom checking in here with a little note about photographers. Not sure who she was writing this to, but I thought there were some interesting aspects. She's also my mom, so a slight bias could in order here. She is probably carving up some small woodland creature as we speak, or prying it from the jaws of her beloved Gypsy.

"What you want is the unique style found in a good photographers pictures. Practice makes perfect and he has practiced. He knows the intimate details of his craft, like a pilot knows the cockpit. When you hang one of his pictures on the wall it contains his years of experience and his unique style developed by those years. The click of the shutter pulls you in and his eye holds you for the print. You don't tell a mechanic how to fix an engine, don't tell a photographer how to take your pictures. Trust can be difficult in an untrustworthy world, but make no mistake you will not be disappointed. He has not spent some of his time taking pictures, but all of his time. If you look, I mean really look you will see the difference in a professionals work.
Their pictures are the ones that hang framed on walls projecting their message for years. They are well taken on good material, a work of art. They transcend. They stand the test of time saving bits of your life for posterity. They know how to do it. Call a professional photographer and let them take your pictures, you may catch them just in the click of time."

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