21 February, 2009

Poem from Mom: "ballet d’action”

“ballet d’action”

the audience is seated
the theatre is quiet
expectation is in the air
minds are happy
a time of pleasure
is about to occur
the curtains open
ballet d’action starts
the stage and theatre
are dark black and quiet
violin strings
move their vibrations
spinning their webs everywhere
suddenly strings lighted
by bright white moonlight
appear like spider webs
crisscrossing intertwining
above bellow and around
the theatre and stage
enter glowing white angel dancers
all sizes and ages
moving like spiders
over the webs
their wings emphasizing their plight
of frenzied flight
caught on their own sticky strings
and strangers tricky creations
flowing figures floating and spinning
dancing for their freedom
from the darkness and the sticky webs

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