22 February, 2009

Time On My Hands

One afternoon, one roll, a little time on my hands. This is a theme I've been working on for a while, something very different from what I've done in the past, but I like it. A very low success rate with this stuff, but that is half the fun. Most of the time, when I make these images I have NO idea what I'm getting. Then, out of what I did get, wondering what will be printable, with my skill set. If Ansel was alive I'm sure he could bang out these prints, but not me. I'm learning people, but taking baby steps.

What I like about this work is not knowing. When you can't see the image, you have to think more, perhaps wonder more, which is what keeps my interest up.

I also like the experimentation, and if you see these prints, 16x20, the size I printed them, it might make you wonder. If you saw me making them, you would laugh. I'm sure more than one person uttered to themselves, "Look at that idiot." Basically this is odd film, an odd technique and an odd method of getting the look. But, it works, at least for me. It's also one of the few ways I found of producing work locally that I really like. Portraits and this, for the most part, my most successful.

These images have to be studied, and these little web version won't do them justice. There is much going on in the dark spaces, and the sky, which you really can't see.

This is only the beginning. I'll be out experimenting more on this.

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