30 April, 2009

Blurb 5x8 Format Books


Okay, a DP I am not, so still learning this little device, but wanted to post and see what happens. These 5x8 books are fantastic, and have been well received at every event I have done. They are a blast to make and cheap to produce.

Watching myself on this I have a feeling of horror, and a small dose of Mr. Rodgers. Hopefully I will get over this. Otherwise, I'll be looking for a stand in.


Miserere said...

Daniel, I don't think you need a stand in, what you do need is more light :-)

Thanks for the tip on the 5x8's; I was unaware of them, and you are right that they're a good idea. Ill check them out right now.

SmogRanch said...

Thank you for the note. I'll add some light and keep my fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

good timing showing the airport book when a plane is on approach...

Anonymous said...

hi Daniel, i am interested in making photo book in this 5x8in format book. would need your advice if i need to keeping use sRGB for the photos, or grayscale profile will do ?

thanks in advance,

SmogRanch said...

Yes, keep your images in sRGB color space. The machines used to print these books work in sRGB color!
Good luck, have fun!