24 April, 2009

A Musical Day

Okay, so when I get up and the day begins, it goes about like this.

All Pandora Radio, through my laptop, which has better speakers than my tower.

"Flamenco Sketches." for at least the first few hours.

Then on to "Steel Pulse Radio" which has refreshed my mind in terms of the islands and the relaxation this music provides. I need it. The photo-world is now a major battleground, so stress and rejection are just part of the norm. Not that it hasn't been this way for my entire career, but when everyone is talking about it, or writing about it.................it makes it worse...........

Then, "Moby Radio," to finish out the day. I love it. Picks me up. Slams me down. Picks me up again.

Dan heart Pandora.


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