28 April, 2009

Poem from Mom "Vortex"


the river meanders
moving you slowly
the way you are
not changing a thing
you walked away
to determine a path
to unhook the world
that held you
in its pattern so long
cutting equal squares
of monotony
arranged in rows
of bored sameness
you walked away
and its ok
some come to see
how it would be
alone in the vortex
in the river


Anonymous said...

Do you ever miss your dream of geology? Or the red toyota, rock climbing, or Texas?

Not that your current state is not an asset to us all.

SmogRanch said...

I don't miss geology because I never made it that far. The truck lived a long life, after me, when my brother had it. It died after a long battle with high mileage, 220,000, and hard miles.
Rock climbing. I don't really miss that much either, just because I found other sports I like just as much.
But Texas, I miss. Truly. The people, the weather, the landscape, all of it.