23 April, 2009

Poem from Mom: "Not If I Can Help It"

"Not If I Can Help It"

an old friend ask me
now that you are old
are you happy with your life so far
I said I wasn't sure
they ask if I was happy now
I said I think so
they ask what do you
still want to do
I said I didn't know for sure
they ask if I had
any regrets
I said I didn't think so
they ask if I had figured out
the real meaning of life
I said no
they ask me if grandchildren
were easier than your own kids
I said yes
they ask why I didn't
color my gray hair
I said why would I do that
they ask if I had had
any surgery
to make me look younger
I said no because
it would take too much
they said don't you know
gray hair and wrinkles
will make you look old
I said I am old
I ask them if they were afraid
to get old and if they thought
their lives would not be good
anymore if they had
gray hair and wrinkles
I ask them what they would lose
if they just let
nature take its course
I ask them why they can't
just be what they are
isn't it more important
to look after what you
look like on the inside
they ask if that is what
I had learned from life
I said I guess so
they ask if I wanted
to live to be one hundred
I said not if I
can help it

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