26 April, 2009

Photo Advice from Mom

On deer in the headlights, maybe you need to rethink your wardrobe and smile when you meet folks. A suit and tie and briefcase would shootdown the stereotypical image of a photographer.You would be the only one who is not in a shirt and leather jacket that are both oozing careless casual disreguarding the importance of the dress code. What would be wong with a photographer showing up in an Armani? No vest with pockets, looking prosperous and smiling because he is happy in his flash. Identify your struggle, put your plans on the ironing board and jump without a parachute and maybe just maybe you will land with a photo finish. The ride will be a glide to your never before seen side. Your lurking secret still unknown to you will follow each film you put in your camera. Your Midas touch will make its mark. The Minor picture will be born. Danielized. Advice from mom.


Anonymous said...

Did you plan on being this artcy when you grew up? Some of this is a long way from a hot Texas day, red toyota, and rock climbing.

SmogRanch said...

Nope. I planned to study geology.