27 May, 2009

3000 Miles

I love walking in some place and seeing my images. Sometimes this happens in "wall form" where an image is hanging in someone's house, an office, a space of some kind. Other times it happens in book form, or in my case, "Blurb Form," a form that is rapidly becoming a household description.

In this case, 3000 miles from home, a softcover, 8x10, vertical format, mix of color and black and white.

I like to see where the book is, precisely where it lives in the house. And, how worn the pages are. I don't want books that are delicate, fragile or too expensive to actually leave out. I want a book you can't imagine leaving alone. I want books you leave out for everyone to see, to handle, to wear out.

Even though this was my book, I looked through it over and over. It was just the right length, a tight edit. Shot over several years, in at least four different formats.

I'm going to order one for myself when I get back.

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